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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mom's Sweet Refrigerator Pickles

If you love a good homemade sweet pickle with just a little tang - you'll want to mix up a batch or two of these. They remind me of the 'bread and butter' pickles we always had growing up. I'm not really sure where this recipe originated. Although I believe it came from Iris, a dear sweet friend of the family. I'll just call them Mom's Refrigerator Pickles, because that's where I can always find them - at mom's house, in the fridge. It's a very simple recipe but has big results.

It all starts with getting young, firm cucumbers.
My Mom - 93 years young
If it's not too late in the season, I recommend visiting your local farmer's market, or if you're fortunate enough to have your own backyard vegetable garden - even better. You'll need about 16-20 cucumbers to get started.

Mom's Refrigerator Pickles
4 cups sugar
4 cups white vinegar
1/3 cup canning salt
1 Tsp mustard seed
1 Tsp celery seed
1/2 Tsp turmeric
16-20 fresh cucumbers (young cucumbers with small seeds are best)
4 large onions

Slice cucumbers about 1/4 inch thick and onion about 1/8 inch thick and set aside.
Mix all the above ingredients (except cucumbers and onions) together in a large heavy pot for your brine. Stir over medium heat until liquid comes to a complete boil.
Remove from heat.
Fill one 1/2 gallon canning jar or 2 quart size jars with cucumber and onion slices. Pack tightly.
Slowly pour hot brine into jars within one inch from the top. (I recommend using a canning funnel to avoid possible burns from brine.)
Seal jars with lids and rings.
Let stand on counter for 24 hours before refrigerating.
Pickles will be ready for eating once they are cold.

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