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Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Products of the Year USA winners

From laundry detergent to Girl Scout cookies, shoppers all across the U.S. have made their choices. Now in its fifth year, Products of the Year USA was recently honored in New York City where marketing and media executives from leading manufacturing companies, experts in packaging and design as well as industry media all mingled together.
Parade Magazine calls the competition a 'People's Choice' for consumer products. The nation's largest consumer survey on product innovation began when a jury of industry leaders and journalists chose products from all aisles of the supermarket and drugstore that showed innovation in function, design, packaging, or ingredients.
From there, 50,000 shoppers across the United States chose 26 winners.
According to Product of the Year USA  entry to this prestigious contest is as follows:

Product Entry: Free
Finalist Fee: $7,000
Winner Fee: $63,000

What is the Finalist Fee? Before being reviewed by 50,000 consumers, entered products are put in front of a Jury panel of industry experts and members of the media who make sure the submissions meet innovation criteria. Products that pass this step are put into the consumer research and must pay the Finalist Fee.

What is the Winner Fee? All Finalist products are put into the nation’s largest research study on product innovation with over 50,000 consumers. Consumers vote on products in each category based on innovation appeal, use, satisfaction and purchase intent. Products with the highest score in each category are named Product of the Year winners

All Mighty Pacs
Seem like a lot of money? Ninety percent of the winners will enter again, and 44 percent will increase their number of entries from the previous year. Manufacturers claim they see an increase in sales up to 120 percent from the contest campaign. Winning products often use the "Product of the Year" logo on advertising, packaging and social media.

Here are eight trends that represent the 26 winning Products of the Year for 2013:
Trend #1 - Nostalgic: Nestle Crunch and Girl Scout Cookies; M&M's; Vlasic pickles.
Trend #2 - No-Hassle Healthy Food: Dole; Quaker Oats; Healthy Choice; Green Giant; SK Energy.
Trend #3 - More Time Outside: OFF! Bug Control; Adams Smart Shield Pet Applicator; Dixie paper plates.
Trend #4 - Ready to talk Development Stages: Poise; MidNite; GoodNites.
Trend #5 - Value in Green: SodaStream; All Mighty Pacs.
Trend #6 - Sensitive About Our Mouths: Aquafresh; Tums; Listerine; Abreva.
Trend #7 - Cleaning Products: Finish; Resolve; Surf; Brawny.
Trend #8 - Pampered in the Bathroom: Quilted Northern; Dial.
Nestle Crunch Girl Scout candy bar

Now for the winners............

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
2. Healthy Choice Baked Entrees
3. Brawny Paper Towels
4. Tums Freshers
5. Off! Bug Control Backyard Pretreat
6. Abreva Conceal
7. Dole Frozen Fruit Single-Serve
8. Nestle Crunch Girl Scout candy bar
9. GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats
10. Surf liquid Laundry Detergent
11. Green Giant Seasoned Steamers
12. Finish Quantum with Power Gel
13. M&M's Brand Snack Mix
Brawny Paper Towels
14. SodaStream Revolution Home Soda
15. Adams Smart Shield Applicator
16. Poise Feminine Wellness line
17. Farmer's Garden by Vlasic
18. All Mighty Pacs
19. Resolve All-Stains
20. Listerine Ultraclean Mouthwash
21. Quaker Real Medleys
22. MidNite for Menopause
23. Dial Triple Moisture body wash
24. SK Energy shot
25. Aquafresh Extreme Clean Pure Breath Action
26. Dixie Ultra Tableware

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