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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's Gadget:: Reacher Grabber tool

Reacher Grabber Tool
If you've ever been in a situation where just the thought of bending over makes your back scream out in pain, you need to pick up this handy gadget.
Whether your situation is permanent or temporary, having one of these around your home can give you a lending hand.
It's a pretty simple looking tool, the featherweight style is 26-inches long with  a claw-shaped, slip resistant grip.
It also has a clip attached to the top for storing if using from a wheelchair.
A second model is available at 32-inches long and gives you the added length you need when picking up from an upright position.
Due to my husbands back injury, you'll always find one or two of these around our home. Use it in the home for picking up items off the floor or for those hard to reach cupboard items. Take it outside to help in picking up yard items, branches or anything that keeps you from bending over.
The 24-inch model sells for $25.99 and the 32-inch model goes for $2.99 more and can be ordered online at Amazon. 
There is also variations of this tool available, your local CVS, carries a PikStick which will also serve all the functions of the Reacher Grabber Tool and can be easily picked up locally at CVS for $23.99.
So if you need a little assistance around your home - check out one of these reacher tools.
Hope today's gadget review helped you out. If you have one of these tools and would like to share how you use it, feel free to leave your comments.

If you have a favorite gadget around your home that you just wouldn't want to be without - send it to me. I will review it and post it here on my blog and on Twitter VA....


  1. Although the design looks odd and funny somehow, it is a useful gadget for both the young and old. Aside from reaching items that you can’t reach by hand, it can be also used for picking up garbage or grabbing fruits from trees.

    Irma Metaxas

    1. I agree Irma. My husband has a bad back so he has a couple of these. In the summer it's such a great gadget to have for the yard.