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Friday, September 30, 2011

REVIEW: Fun-da-middles Cupcakes

Fun-da-middles are a lot of Fun

Thank you Betty Crocker for giving me the opportunity to try your new product. First of all, I find the name to be quite clever and well, fun. And the package has a cheerful, sunny look that catches your attention.
Soon after beginning, I couldn't help but think of my grandkids and how much they would enjoy helping grandma make these cupcakes.

They come in several varieties: Yellow Cake with Creamy Vanilla filling, Chocolate cake with Creamy Vanilla  filling, Yellow Cake with Creamy Chocolate filling. 
I made the Yellow Cake with Creamy Vanilla filling.

After mixing the ingredients of cake mix, water, oil and eggs, fill 12 paper cupcake inserts about 1/3 full. The convenience of the already prepared filling is great. Just knead the package containing the filling about 20 times (the kids/grandkids would have fun helping with this part), cut the tip off one of the corners of the package and squeeze evenly in the center of all 12 cupcakes.
Finish filling with remaining cake batter, making sure to completely cover the filling with the batter and then bake. It's almost too easy!

After removing from the oven, I immediately transferred the cupcakes from the pan to a wire rack for cooling. I could hardly wait to try them, the sweet aroma was incredible.
And the taste - even more incredible. That sweet aroma I had been smelling didn't disappoint my taste buds. Still slightly warm, because I just couldn't wait for them to cool, it reminded me of a Twinkie on a really good day.
The cake was very moist and the filling was just right and just enough.

I picked up a can of Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting. I have always frosted my cupcakes, but quite honestly, these cupcakes don't need it.

I recommend picking up a box of these cupcakes and your kids or grandkids and see for yourself how much they'll enjoy helping you with this quick and easy recipe. There's a good reason they call them Fun-da-middles.

You can find Fun-da-middles cupcake mix at any of your local grocery stores, they sell for around $3.29 a box and it easily makes a dozen cupcakes. Go to Betty Crocker's website for coupons and some really great recipes.

I really enjoyed making this new and great idea for cupcakes. Can't wait to try the Chocolate with Creamy Vanilla filling. I might even throw in some Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream or Breyer's Vanilla Bean!

Thanks for visiting and if you have also tried these new cupcakes and would like to share your comments, I would love to hear from you.

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