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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ALDI's "Switch & Save" could be just what you need for holiday savings

Disclaimer: ALDI's  has not compensated the writer in any way for this article.
If you're looking for quality value without the high cost, you may want to visit your local ALDI market.

Nearly all of the products at ALDI's are sold under its exclusive brand name and manufactured by leading food producers. Its primetime shopping hours, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon. through Sat. and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sundays and a quarter shopping cart rental system, helps keep overhead cost down. The shopping cart rental system allows shoppers to pay a quarter for the grocery cart when entering the store, which is then given back on return of the cart. The store is then able to pass these savings to consumers, according to the store.

A consumer survey conducted by the world's leading customer intelligence solutions company, showed ALDI’s was chosen No. 1 out of 10 of top competitors by consumers.

In fact, ALDI’s is so confident you’ll love their high quality products, they offer a DOUBLE GUARANTEE that you’ll be 100 percent satisfied.

If you don’t like the product, simply bring it back for a replacement and also get your money refunded.

After a nicely packaged assortment of items arrived at The Oakland Press, I decided to put a few of the great looking products to the test.
I love to bake, so I chose the Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread.

Both packages called for identical ingredients and measurements. Considering I was preparing them at the same time it helped with any possible mix-ups.
Pillsbury Quick Bread and ALDI brand Baker's Corner

I mixed both packages in separate bowls according to the directions, taking note as to the color and texture of the batter and noticing that the ALDI Brand (Baker’s Corner) was a bit lighter in color and the batter slightly thinner than the Pillsbury brand.

After pouring about half of the batter into each baking dish, I opened the cinnamon packets and sprinkled a little more than half the content over the batter. I also noted that the ALDI’s Brand cinnamon packet was both lighter in color and texture, the Pillsbury Brand was definitely heavier, like the difference between white sugar and brown sugar.

I then poured and carefully spread the remaining batter over the cinnamon, topping both mixtures off with their remaining cinnamon/sugar packets. I placed both cakes on the center rack in the oven together and baked for 30 minutes.

After removing from the oven, they both looked terrific and my kitchen smelled scrumptious. The cinnamon/sugar toppings cooked nicely on both cakes and were still easily identified by the color.

From left: ALDI brand; Pillsbury brand
Once both cakes completely cooled, I opened the glaze packets that were included and swirled the contents over the top of each cake.

NOTE: You’ll want to cut a tiny tip off the corner of the glaze packet. What I thought was small, proved to be a little large for the sticky glaze.

Now for the best part – the taste test.
I thought my husband would love to help out with this. Totally engrossed in the Michigan football game, he had no idea which was which but was more than happy to assist.

I cut a small piece from each cinnamon bread and placed them on a plate – asking that he only tells me which he liked best. As he headed back to the other room to enjoy his cake and football game, I also cut myself a piece of both, poured a cup of coffee and indulged.

From left: Pillsbury brand; ALDI brand
The results:
My husband, not knowing which he was choosing, chose the ALDI brand. He thought it had a lighter and slightly better flavor. Me, I thought they were both equally good. Other than the slight difference in color, the texture and taste were basically the same.

With both brands equally good in comparison, why not save yourself 25 percent and choose the ALDI brand.  

Other items featured at your local ALDI discount grocer offers consumers quality products with savings compared to the national brands.
ALDI brand Stonemill Essentials line of seasonings can save you up to 86 percent from the national brand McCormick.

You'll get at least 25 percent savings on ALDI brands compared to national brands on many of their other products, such as: olive oil, cheese, crackers, apple pie, crescent rolls and even your favorite wines.

So if you're making your holiday list and checking it twice - you might want to stop in at your local ALDI's and check out their featured "Switch & Save" items.

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